Over the last several years, I have had the privilege and pleasure of being captivated by Ramona Reynolds and her public speaking. During her seminars, her message is clear, concise and yet entertaining. Combining theory and real-life experience (which she shares with immense candor), she reveals her vast knowledge on the topic at hand. Ramona’s has an incredible ability to hold her audience’s attention, even after a long day at the office. I would highly recommend Ramona and her seminars or training. She’s very talented and you won’t be disappointed.

J. Hodson

Ramona is a highly engaging speaker. I have had the opportunity to hear her on several occasions and have found her interesting, thoughtful and inspirational. She has the ability to weave amusing stories into her presentation bringing a light note to complex topics. I always come away with something new or a fresh take on things I already know. I left her presentations feeling enlightened and empowered. She is professional, polished, positive and welcoming. I highly recommend her as a speaker and trainer.

M. Cain



  • CONSULTING: identifying areas for growth or development
  • CONSULTING: creating a plan of action with steps to implement your plan from start to finish
  • CONSULTING: assisting with change management, restructuring and transitioning your firm or agency
  • TRAINING: strategic customized training programs by a certified trainer and strategic partners
  • TRAINING: professional client service, leadership skills, and team building
  • TRAINING: partnering with professional service providers for technology and support training

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Ramona’s advice and guidance was pivotal when I sought career advice about starting my business, All Conveyance Ltd. While coaching me, she expertly asked me questions that steered me in the right direction. She was instrumental in bringing a great idea to fruition. Ramona is the most respected in her field and I recommend her to anyone seeking career advice in the legal field or starting your own firm.

S. Zimmel


  • TRAINING: new online resources and courses available starting Spring 2022!
  • TRAINING: new online resources and courses available to learn at your own pace
  • PROVIDING MENTORSHIP every step of the way

After reviewing Ms. Reynolds credentials I actively sought her out to be a speaker as part of a series for the Peninsula Newcomers’ Group in Sidney. This was our first ever virtual speaker for the group so it was breaking new ground for our speaker series. Ms. Reynolds spoke about real experiences in the legal community as well as the aviation world. Her background is outstanding and that is recognized through her speaking skills. She was fascinating, dynamic and engaging throughout her presentation and most were left wanting more but time was a constraint.  She graciously offered to speak with those who wished to contact her directly to discuss anything further arising from the presentation and I can add that her thoughtful and professional manner projected itself throughout the presentation. I would highly recommend Ms. Reynolds as she is highly motivated and her speaking skills are amazing and inspiring.

J. Taylor

I have been Ramona's colleague in the legal field for a few years, but it was not until I had the privilege of being in the audience at one of her presentations that I realized what an amazing woman she is. I walked away feeling inspired and encouraged. Ramona’s calm and confident nature commands the respect of her audience and leaves them wanting more. It is clear when you hear her speak that she is an unstoppable force that is there to lift you up and encourage you to reach for the stars and never give up trying, to utilize the resources available to you to progress and be your best self. She is also happy to be one of those resources and delights in seeing the people that surround her thrive. She has had quite a journey and I would say that everyone could benefit from her knowledge and experience.

N. Gordon