Ramona’s advice and guidance was pivotal when I sought career advice about starting my business, All Conveyance Ltd. While coaching me, she expertly asked me questions that steered me in the right direction. She was instrumental in bringing a great idea to fruition. Ramona is the most respected in her field and I recommend her to anyone seeking career advice in the legal field or starting your own firm.

S. Zimmel

I met with Ramona when I moved back to Victoria from Northern BC. She was very quick and efficient in responding to me when I put my application forward and after meeting, she was even more efficient in lining up interviews. Throughout the interview process and once I had found a position, she checked in regularly to ensure things were going smoothly and if not, she always had a solution or recommendations. I felt that I was her priority in ensuring I was fully satisfied. Ramona is excellent at what she does and is very genuine. She can read people and gain an understanding of their personality very quickly in order to match a person, not just based on their skill sets but also on their personality, to a firm, that she also knows and understands, which best compliments the candidate, and vise versa. She is extremely knowledgeable and is such an amazing resource of information. Ramona is thorough and does not in any way beat around the bush - upfront and open every time. I could not recommend a better person to work with in finding a great employment opportunity or finding a great employee. 



you're cleared for take off


Having relocated from Regina, SK to Victoria, BC. I was very nervous in needing to find a new position. I had worked in an area that was very specific and hard to find on the Island.  Ramona was given my information from a recruiter friend of mine in SK and worked tirelessly to find me a position that would fit me well. She knew my personality and my strengths and weaknesses and coached me to be able to adapt to my new environment. She knew the market out there. Ever grateful in helping me to settle here.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Ramona professionally for more than a decade, so when it came time to find a new position she was the first person I turned to.  With her amazing ability to match up skill sets and personality types, in very short order I found myself in the perfect position with the perfect firm and I couldn't be happier.  Ramona gave me absolute confidence in her assessment of the firms she suggested I interview at. She has an innate understanding of people and how they will work together. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone either seeking employment or seeking staff. 


I highly recommend the services offered by Ascend Legal Recruiting. I found Ramona Reynolds to be diligent and extremely competent. She took the time to get to know me and presented me with opportunities that suited both my skill set and personal career goals. Ramona offers valuable advice and encouragement, and genuinely wants to see you succeed in your career.



You have the ability to remove any bias and make recommendations based solely on the best interest of the firm.  I’ve always known this of you but it speaks to your credibility for those who don’t know you as well or have an inherent distrust for job placement agencies.

A. Pickavance

After working in the legal field for over twenty years I felt the need to switch gears, and focus on my corporate experience and pursue a career outside of a law firm environment. I contacted Ramona knowing she is well respected within the legal community, and that she also had connections within the non-legal corporate world. Ramona advised me of a temporary position coming up she knew I was perfect for. I was successful in securing the position, and as it turns out has the potential to become my permanent home; the job is everything I have been working toward and I couldn’t be happier! Ramona knew what was important to me; engaging my corporate experience, a positive work environment and a work/life balance. She has an uncanny ability to marry her candidate with the perfect employer and the outcome is nothing but positive. I highly recommend engaging the services of Ascend Legal Recruiting; one of the best decisions I ever made!


I was introduced to Ramona Reynolds through a mutual friend during my move from Calgary, AB to Victoria, BC.   After spending 15+ years working as a legal assistant in Calgary, I was nervous about looking for work in a new province and getting to know the various offices and practices encompassed in Victoria’s legal community.  Ramona was a fantastic resource of information and comfort during my move.  She has an incredible base of knowledge about specific firms and lawyers in Victoria and the needs of each.   Ramona took valuable time to meet with me and assess my skills and background so that she could work towards finding the right long-term fit for me in Victoria.  Rather than try and place me at any firm hiring, she assessed the firm, the specific lawyer, and matched potential jobs to my personality and abilities.  As a result, I am working at an amazing law firm, where I instantly felt comfortable and capable.  I could not have imagined my professional move going so well, and so smoothly, had it not been for Ramona’s hard work and dedication to both the employee and employer.

S. M.